Cleaning Up a Commercial Building After a Storm

Natural disasters, including rainstorms and hurricanes, cause adverse effects on the community. It causes loss of lives and properties. It also leads to decreased productivity and economic activities in that area.

It is crucial for people working or living in high-risk storm areas to stay informed. It is advised to monitor news and notifications about the weather constantly. Here are a few precautions you can take when there is a storm:

  • Get to higher ground
  • Do not drive into flooded roadways; the water could be deeper than you expect.
  • Ensure you stay far away from any electrical object to avoid electrocution and fire explosions.
  • Do not hide in basements or underground rooms.
  • Make use of a life jacket when the water level is rising.
  • Avoid using candles. Instead, make use of flashlights because of the risk of a fire outbreak.
  • Make sure you wash your hands with clean running water

The effects of storms are not always limited to the outside. Sometimes they affect buildings as well, especially massive storms. Owners of commercial buildings in high-risk areas for Hurricane-force wind and storm surges like the golf and Atlantic coasts are always in constant worry of remediating the buildings after the inevitable storms. Most times, the aftermath of a storm is usually riskier than the actual storm.

There are various ways a storm could affect a building. This could be by flooding of the building. Materials from the outside like tree branches may also be blown or carried into the building. There could also be damage to the building structure, which could cause a partial collapse. There are a lot of exposures to hazards like broken glasses, live electrical wires, and also gas leaks from pipes.

All of these effects ultimately render the parts of the building unusable. But the truth is, you’re not likely to condemn the whole or a part of your building just because of some damage. So you would have to restore the building by repairing affected parts. But even before you begin to repair, you would have to clear up the place by cleaning it.

The cleaning of a commercial building after a storm requires thorough planning and preparation and should be done by experienced professionals. There is a need to exercise extra caution when you are cleaning a commercial building after a storm. This is because the facility could still be hazardous. So after a storm, here are a few things to do before the cleaning up process.

Wait for Clearance from the Local Authorities

After the storm, please do not enter the building until the safety authorities have declared it safe. The building is still a hazardous risk, and there is a chance of the building collapsing at any time, so do not be in a rush to enter the building after the storm. Please wait till the authorities clear it.

Put Out the Power

Go to the power source and confirm it is fixed on the OFF switch. There is a very high risk of fire outbreaks during and after a storm. The first thing to do when you are cleaning out a commercial building after a storm is to put out the power source to prevent electrocution. You should evacuate the building immediately if you see sparks or hear crackling sounds. Also, make sure that fire extinguishers are near you and ready to use. There could also be fallen power lines over the building. Alert the authorities if you notice displaced power lines.

Wear Protective Gear

Your safety is a priority. You need to be very careful when entering the building. Anybody entering the building after a storm should not be without a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This equipment includes goggles, helmets, gloves, dust masks, waterproof boots, and fire-resistant coats. PPE is a form of protection against any unseen hazard. Ensure the safety of the cleaners by providing PPEs. You can also take flashlights, portable water, cameras, and fire extinguishers.

Assess the Damage

When you are assessing the damage in the building, it is best to take along a structural engineer. You should check for structures that could shift or collapse while you are working. You can take pictures of the damages for evidence later. Also, check out for hazards like gas leaks, broken glasses, displaced wood panels, collapsed ceilings, live wires, and sharp metals. You should vacate the building and report to 911 or the fire department if there are gas leaks.

Contact your Insurance Company

After assessing the damages, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. You should also provide the necessary documents, including receipts of expenses and pictures you have taken of the damage, so you start the claim process in earnest.

Watch Out for Animals

Many wild animals and stray pets shelter in commercial buildings during the storm. They could still be in the building after the storm, so you should be very careful as they could react aggressively because of the storm. Do not try to manage or handle any animal; if you discover any dead or alive animal, you should report it to the police immediately.

Safely Dispose of Combustible Materials

Once you confirm the building is safe for cleaning, first take care of the flammable materials such as wood, paper, rubber, and plastics. Please put them in metal waste disposal containers with airtight lids. Also, stay away from storage with compromised fire protection.

Clear the Water Out of the Building

It is dangerous to leave water in a building for so long. It promotes the growth of mold and weakens the structure. You can drain the water using mops, squeegees, and push brooms. Avoid using electrical equipment.

Increase Air Flow to Dry the Building

You need to air out the space – this help to prevent the growth of mold. You can open the windows and also run fans to dry items.

What is the Role of a Professional Cleaning Agency?

The effects of a storm or any natural disaster are usually very catastrophic. It is challenging to rebuild and restore the building afterward, even if you have minor damages. One way to relieve the stress and dangers of cleaning a commercial building after the storm is by engaging the services of a cleaning agency.

The advantages of employing the services of a cleaning agency are:

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Agency Helps to Keep you Safe

When a storm affects a building, there are usually a variety of harmful materials that may be in the building. Cleaning up these materials requires a special level of experience and equipment. Attempting to clean up such a place by yourself exposes you to health risks. That’s why it is advisable to get a cleaning agency. Not only do they have the knowledge about and the experience in dealing with such hazards. They also have the required equipment to provide the required level of protection. So getting the services of a professional cleaning firm helps to protect you from these hazards while you get your building back in great condition.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Firm Saves you Time and Stress

A flooded building isn’t something you get to experience every day. So due to your lack of experience, you would take a longer time to remediate the building. However, unlike you, the staff at professional cleaning firms like Puro Clean get to face such conditions regularly. This puts them in a position to completely clean up your building at incredible speeds. Engaging a professional cleaning agency saves time and gets you on track with your deadline. This also saves you loads of stress and affords you the freedom to take care of other issues.

They Help Make you More Money

Getting your building cleaned up on time is key to the resumption of business activities in the building. The faster you clean up, the faster commercial activities resume in the building. This ultimately helps you get your business back on track and restores the flow of income into your account.

They do a Better Job than Unprofessional Hands

As earlier stated, professional cleaning agencies have the experience in handling similar situations. With such experience comes the knowledge about the best possible methods of handling such cleaning jobs. Having this experience combined with the right equipment, helps them complete such tasks to perfection. This leaves you with an even better looking interior.

All these are enough reasons why you should contact Puro Clean for your cleaning up jobs after a storm. Puro Clean is that professional cleaning agency you need for an excellent cleaning service. We are distinguished from other cleaning agencies as we are dedicated to providing a clean, professional, and outstanding service. We have top-quality clean-up teams and certified forensic operators that are available at any time. Our vast range of expertise makes us ideal for completing the job satisfactorily and at great speed.

You would need to also sanitize the building after cleaning to kill the contaminants that have developed from the storm, like mold and bacteria. Puro clean ensures that the building is appropriately clean, disinfected, and sanitized, leaving the building much fresher and better.

So if you ever need the services of a professional cleaning firm, contact us on 772-763-1313 and you can be sure you would be getting full value for your money.

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