By its definition a form of OCD (Obsessive compulsion disorder) it’s the extreme storage and collection of items, paper, food, valuables or even animals. It is important to handle hoarding cleanup properly.


This situation often gets completely out of control, and soon interferes with the affected person’s everyday life. There are numerous and extreme risks involved in hoarding situations both to the individual’s overall health and well-being but also to the property and neighbours as well.


With the large collection of items, it drastically increases the risk of fire hazards, mould, bacteria, fungal growth, and propagation of blood-borne pathogens from faeces and urine along with many life-threatening diseases.

Make no mistake, compulsive hoarding is an extremely dangerous situation and must be dealt with as an emergency and as quickly as possible to mitigate the danger to all involved.


Our team is trained, certified and properly equipped to handle even the most serious and extreme situations of hoarding cleanup due to our vast resources and training. So whether it is a simple junk removal, de-cluttering and re-organizing or a full restoration of the residence we will get a hold of the situation and put everything back together for everyone involved.